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The world's first multilanguage content writing assistant is here.

It's unfair that the current AI content creation tools only read and write quality content in English. There're many other languages in the world. This is why we're launching Molin AI.

Molin.AI can write in Spanish, German, French, Italian, and many more. From now, everybody will have access to the best generative AI tools in their own languages.

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What can Molin do?

Simply, Molin can help you write anything. We have more than 80 templates, such as:

Why is Molin better than other alternatives?

Supporting many languages

Molin is the first AI platform that offers access to multiple languages for free and can understand or write in different languages. In fact, it's possible to combine different languages. For example, you can talk to it in English and ask it to generate content in Spanish.

It's really mind-blowing! 🤯


Other solution on the market have insanely high prices. It's really hard to find a good product that is below 50 USD per month.

We don't see the reason why others price their products so high. We believe everyone should have access to the latest AI technologies, so we have made it incredibly affordable.

Also, there's no character limit! Write as much as you want on your fixed price feed.

More Categories

We're not specialising in one category like others. We're focusing on bringing multiple AI platform together and build a coherent, fully integrated solution that can be used by everyone, for everything.

Using Molin, you can create Ads, Blogs, real estate description, stories, essays, product descriptions, legal contracts and much more. You don't have to pay for all these separate solutions anymore.

API, Widget, and SDK for anyone to use

We offer a very simple widget for anyone to embed into their service.

A few use-cases:

  1. Marketplaces can enable their sellers to generate product descriptions automatically with Molin in their platform
  2. Integrating Molin into your CRM can generate personalised sales emails in seconds.
  3. Ecommerce sellers can generate feature tables for all of their products automatically.

The widget is super simple to embed and requires no coding skills!

A lot more free tools

  • Document editor
  • Grammar checker
  • AI checker
  • Plagiarism checker

Join thousands of people and companies who already use Molin every day to supercharge their content creation. Sign up here. 👇👇

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Ben Toth

CEO & Co-founder
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